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Working in a live hospital environment, controlling dust, noise and vibration was an essential part of this extension project.

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General Information

Derriford Hospital in Plymouth is a large general hospital serving its home city and the nearby areas of Devon and Cornwall.

The main eight-storey development incorporates Intensive Care and High Dependency facilities, general wards and a new medical library. An extension to the theatre wing provides two new operating theatres and associated facilities.

Work was undertaken with minimum disruption to the hospital’s day-to-day running.

Fast facts

Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust
2004 - 2006
Wales & West

Control of vibration, noise and dust was a challenge across the project. Wire sawing was used to reduce the noise and vibration of removing reinforced concrete nibs from an existing gable end to allow the erection of the steel frame. This technique allowed us to work just metres from the hospital wards without causing disturbance.

While working inside the hospital we created a low pressure regime on the construction side of the hoardings to ensure dust was removed via extract fans and flexible ductwork. This meant any dust from the hospital environment migrated to us rather than vice versa.

Local subcontractors were used wherever feasible and a series of tours around site arranged for hospital staff.

We also assisted the Trust in the creation of a sculptured woodland path through an area of ancient woodland, grading the ground and clearing the route.

Working in a live hospital environment, we developed close working relationships with the hospital stakeholders. This allowed us to agree strategies and manage issues such as deliveries, shutdowns and connections into existing hospital services.

We also built flexibility into our programme, developing a robust system of working which allowed us to suspend works when the clinical need required.