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This expansion scheme is the latest in a series of projects undertaken for car components manufacturer Unipres UK.

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General Information

The latest in a series of projects undertaken over the last 25 years for Unipres UK involved the design and construction of a 7,650m2 assembly shop and a 5,175m2 press shop.

Our in-house Design Group provided architectural and structural engineering services on the project which included the construction of a concrete press pit and tunnels requiring a sheet piled cofferdam 30m long, 9m wide and 7.5m deep.

Fast facts

Unipres UK
2011 - 2012
North East
Industrial & Energy

With the factory operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, completing the new extensions without disrupting production was a key challenge.

Our close working relationship with Unipres ensured we fully understood the production demands on our client. This enabled us to develop the building design and programme the works to reduce the impact of construction on the production lines and ensure minimal interfaces to either the existing structure or M&E services.

Advanced lighting technology included at our suggestion will reduce the electrical consumption in the new extension by 15-20%. Unipres plans to install the system throughout the existing factory.

Some 4,500m3 of excavated material was tested, cleared and transported under the CL:AIRE protocol for reuse as capping material for sports fields at one of our nearby school projects.

Our relationship with Unipres UK spans 25 years. We have delivered a phased series of projects which have seen the company’s Sunderland plant expand into a production facility covering some 50,000m2.