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We used the latest construction methods to create this new centre for centuries-old restoration techniques.

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General Information

The new Centre for Conservation in London provides modern facilities for the preservation of the British Library’s priceless book and audio collections.

As well as housing the National Sound Archive, the three-storey centre offers specialist training for conservation professionals and provides tours and demonstrations for the public.

The centre was constructed adjacent to the British Library and links to the main building via a terrace at first floor level.

Fast facts

British Library Board
2005 - 2006
London NW1
London & South East

The building’s sound recording studios were built to strict acoustic requirements. Effectively dense boxes suspended within the frame of the building, they float on rubber pads which isolate them from vibration.

The building achieved ‘Excellent’ BREEAM ratings for design and construction.

We worked to ensure our construction activities did not interfere with the day-to-day operations of the library which remained unaffected throughout. Measures included cutting metal decking off site to reduce noise and disturbance.

Bricks and copings were reused, plasterboard off-cuts recycled and some materials donated to a local school.

This project builds on our established relationship with the British Library. Previous contracts include completion of the new British Library which incorporated provision of the King’s Library, home to a priceless collection of books once owned by King George III.