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We made sure all work on London’s Millennium Bridge took place in the dry.

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Image of Millennium Bridge

General Information

The Millennium Bridge is the first river crossing to be built in central London for more than 100 years.

The three-span 350m long cable suspension bridge crosses the Thames from St Paul’s to the Tate Modern art gallery at Bankside.

The bridge is supported by two sets of four high-strength tensioned steel cables which run from bank to bank over two conical concrete piers.

Fast facts

Southwark Borough Council
1999 - 2000
London & South East
Transport & Infrastructure

Image of Millennium BridgeOur in-house Design Group designed the cofferdams, access walkways from the banks of the river to the pier sites, tower crane supports, barge berthing facilities and support frames needed for construction.

Our alternative design for the pier base support significantly reduced construction noise in a very sensitive central London site close to the open air Globe Theatre and a boys’ school. Hydraulic modelling of the river flows, commissioned by us, confirmed the feasibility of this method.

Image of Millennium BridgeWe used the river for delivery of the bridge abutments and superstructure. Spoil from the construction of the piers was also taken away by barge.

We undertook extensive hydraulic modelling of the piling sequences for the cofferdams to minimise disturbance to the river bed habitat of the worms which live along this section of the Thames.

We worked closely with the open air Globe Theatre to minimise disruption to performances. We also liaised regularly with a nearby school to keep staff and pupils updated on our operations.