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Q1. What does the Sponsorship Scheme offer in financial terms?

We offer a bursary of £1,500 per annum for a first year student rising £100 per annum to a maximum of £1,800 for a fourth year student or above. The bursary is paid in two equal instalments, the first in October at the start of the academic year and the second in March prior to the summer term.

Q2. In addition to the bursary what other commitments under the scheme are there for the company and student?

The company is committed to placing a sponsored student on a project for at least eight consecutive weeks for summer vacation employment. If an Industrial Training period is part of the student’s degree course the company is committed to placing the student for the duration of the required period.

Q3. Is a sponsored student committed to joining the company upon graduation?

No, a sponsored student has no obligation to join the company. We aim to demonstrate to the student, during their placements, that we can offer a long-term career of variety, opportunity and professional development within building and civil engineering contracting. The vast majority of our sponsored students choose to join us upon graduation.

Q4. What sort of placements do you offer?

We offer a period of summer vacation employment of at least eight consecutive weeks. We do not offer placements during the Christmas or Easter holidays. If industrial training is part of a student’s degree course we will place the student for the required duration.

Q5. Do you offer placements only to sponsored students?

No. We do place students without sponsorship and very often a successful placement will lead to an offer of sponsorship.

Q6. Where will the placements be?

The placements could be on any of our projects in the UK that can provide a suitable role for a student. We work on a regional basis so students tend to be allocated to a project in their home region.

Q7. Is the student paid during the placement?

We pay a competitive salary that is more attractive than the rate of pay associated with the usual type of ‘student holiday work’.

Q8. Will I be living away from home?

If the project is within reasonable commuting distance the student will commute and their fares will be paid by the company. If the student has to live away from home they will be eligible for a subsistence allowance to help towards the cost of accommodation. Most students will live away from home.

Q9. What type of projects will the students be involved with?

Students generally experience one project during a placement. It could be any one of the projects we are currently involved with.

Q10. What type of work will students expect to do?

Engineering students will be working alongside the site engineers and quantity surveying students will be part of the commercial team. Their responsibilities will increase with their proven ability and experience.

Q11. Why does the company offer placements and /or sponsorship?

Most of the students who are sponsored or have a placement will join the company as graduates. Sponsoring students and offering placements ensures that each year we have a core of high quality graduates with relevant industry experience who are aware of the long-term career and professional development opportunities we offer.

Q12. What happens at the end of a placement?

A Student Progress Report is completed by the student’s supervisor and returned to the HR Department outlining the work undertaken by the student and any notable achievements. Sponsorship of a student will be withdrawn if they haven’t demonstrated the appropriate level of commitment and ability.