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Our history is written in the distinguished catalogue of projects we have delivered over the past 140 years across the length and breadth of the UK.

From our first contract, the repair of a mine chimney for £2.45, to today’s huge stadia and shopping centres, it is a journey throughout which we have held true to our founder’s commitment to service and quality.

Ours is a history which reflects the pioneering path of the industrial and post-industrial age; from the railways of the 1880s and the great dockyards of the early
20th century to the nuclear power stations, oil rigs, retail and commercial developments of modern times.

It is a legacy that includes projects which have gone on to assume a symbolism of their own, buildings that define an era; the original Wembley Stadium, the Millennium Dome, the Eden Project.

From a world of coal and steam, through two world wars, the dawning of the nuclear age and our passage into the bright new technology of today, it is a heritage defined by innovation, engineering excellence and technical accomplishment.

This wealth of experience, combined with our collaborative approach and reputation for quality, timely delivery and managerial excellence place us in a strong position to meet the challenges ahead.