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We are committed to reducing accidents and incidents through increased training and awareness.

We aim to rigorously safeguard the health and safety of everyone involved in or affected by our operations while providing a healthy working environment for all our employees.

Our health and safety management system is continually reviewed and updated in light of new legislation, guidance from regulatory bodies and our commitment to continuous improvement.

As part of this process we are strengthening our health and safety culture and improving the performance of our employees and supply chain through an ongoing action plan. Initiatives include increased training at all levels, behavioural safety courses and better utilisation of our NEBOSH qualified employees to carry out site health and safety inspections.

Through these measures we aim to ensure across the board buy-in to our safety culture and values, as summed up in our site safety maxim of Be Safe Home Safe.

On every site we actively seek to engage with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) before work starts, a relationship which is maintained throughout each project. This is supplemented by annual interventions at corporate and regional level with the HSE.

In addition, we operate a ‘Stop and Act’ process to encourage staff on site to take immediate action when they notice anything of concern. We are also engaging more at director level with our supply chain on health and safety issues and improving incident reporting.